RJ Grunt's: Pulled Pork Done Right.

July 25 2007 - 7:08 AM

As a man who has spent the last part of his life living in Louisiana, I was nervous about ordering a pulled
pork sandwich in Chicago.
I mean, no offense, but this is the North. I’m from the North originally myself, but
having tasted the difference I know that sometimes Northerners mistake “pulled
pork” for “pork with some BBQ sauce on it”.

Thus, when I ordered a pulled pork sandwich
from R.J. Grunts the other day, I was pleasantly surprised! The meat was tender
and the sauce was the right balance of sweet and savory. The butter toasted bun
that it came on was perfect, as well, and the cole slaw (an essential part for
any pulled pork meal) was most satisfactory. There were no baked beans or
anything, but it came with a whooping supply of their house made potato chips.

to say, my snobbish expectations were more than exceeded. I left R.J. Grunts stuffed
and happy.

As a side note, I hit up this restaurant right after a trip to the Lincoln
Park Zoo, as its practically right across the street. After a long day of looking at the animals, my date and I were plenty
hungry and the location of R.J. Grunts was perfect. Just don’t spend too much time at the zoo thinking about how
cute the animals are, depending on what you’re hungry for.

2056 Lincoln Park West.