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Tijuana’s Kokopelli opens in Wicker Park

New Wicker Park taco spot Kokopelli offers a taste of Tijuana right in your own back yard, though truthfully Kokopelli has added a complexity of flavors that will impress even...

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Farm & Garden

Market-Inspired Cocktail Book Roundup

As we told you last week, it’s farmers market season as booths open around the city. And while you may be looking forward to snagging some vegetables for a spring...

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Emilio Bulfon’s “Pecol Ros”

I recently fell in love with Emilio Bulfon’s Pecol Ros, a red blend consisting of Piculit Neri, Forgiarin, Cianorie, and Refosco. Even though Refosco grapes are not very well known...

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Kitchen & Gadgets

Bless This Food – A book of Grace

One would find it hard to argue the importance of the relationship between tradition and food. Bless This Food by Adrian Butash is a compendium of 160 food-related prayers. It’s...

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