My Dad's Hunting Shed

Country of Origin: USA
Main Spirit: Rye

rye whiskey, simple syrup, Islay Scotch, Ardbeg

Trevor Rose-Hamblin — General Manager and Head Mixologist at iNG — worked on this drink during a creative session with Chicago Foodies. The smoke — both that implied by the Ardbeg and that supplied by the smoke gun — conjure up a very outdoorsy feel.


-2 oz. rye
-½ oz. simple syrup
-2 dashes chocolate bitters
-1/2 tsp Ardbeg (or another Islay scotch)
-Ardbeg-soaked cherry (garnish)


Chill a rocks glass, then pour in 1/2 tsp of Ardbeg (or another Islay Scotch) and rotate to coat. Shake out any remaining liquid. In a separate glass, stir the rye, simple syrup and bitters over ice. Strain into the Arbeg-rinsed glass and garnish with an Ardbeg-soaked cherry.

Place the entire cocktail into a desiccator or other enclosed glass vessel and fill the chamber with smoke. When the smoke has cleared enough to see the drink, open the chamber.

-Trevor Rose-Hamblin, iNG