Country of Origin: USA
Main Spirit: Whiskey

Scotch, bourbon,  cherry-balsamic gastrique, rhubarb bitters, sour ale

Trevor Rose-Hamblin — General Manager and Head Mixologist at iNG — whipped this drink up on his first try during a creative session with Chicago Foodies. The name comes from the lambic style of beer which is a Belgian sour ale fermented with the addition of fruit. Here, he creates the same effect, but in cocktail form.

Using Scotch will yield a more complex backbone with a longer, lingering earthy taste that begs contemplation. Using bourbon will yield a lighter, crisper drink that goes down easy on front porches.


-1 1/2 oz Sheep Dip Scotch or Basil Hayden bourbon
-3/4 oz cherry-balsamic gastrique
-A few drops rhubarb bitters
-Sour ale
-wide orange peel (garnish)


Shake the whisky, gastrique and bitters with ice and strain into a Collins glass.  Top with sour ale and garnish with a wide strip of orange peel for aromatics.

-Trevor Rose-Hamblin, iNG