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What's Your Favorite Restaurant of 2015?

Marly Schuman

January 06 2016 - 9:00 AM

Everyone looks back on the past year a little differently. For me, it was all about food. Garlicy seafood, melty gelato, fluffy pancakes, velvety gnocchi…it’s hard to pinpoint that perfect bite or meal. But what I do remember were the restaurants that blew me away.

Both new and old classics stood out to me. The shockingly fresh sushi at Momotaro. The laid back vibe and addictive cocktails at mfk. restaurant. The Angry Crab’s eat-with-your-hands style approach to seafood. The perfect-every-time brunch at Hot Chocolate.

Of course, one of the big standouts to me was Monteverde (pictured top), for its freshly made pasta, addictive bite-sized appetizers and surprising desserts. The menu was seasonal and unique, not your usual Italian.

So we want to know – what was your favorite restaurant of 2015? Tell us about a life-changing meal, standout dish or an experience that’s making your mouth water. We’ll publish our favorites. Comment below or email your submissions to