Segura Viudas Brut Cava

M. Sheppard

November 21 2015 - 2:28 AM

When it comes to wine buying I rarely spend big.  On the occasions that I do, it’s on a red, usually Pinot Noir.   White wines get my affection too, but at lesser price points.  But where I’m truly value conscious in the wine world is with sparkling wines.   I’ve had several incredible, high-end Champagnes; however, I’ve found that I can find perfectly splendid bubbly for well under $20, even under $10.  Many of the most rewarding, economical sparkling wines I’ve tasted have been Cavas, as exemplified by Segura Viudas Brut, a wine I recently tasted courtesy of a sample from the vintner.

IMG_20151120_232713Despite its perfectly appropriate classification as a Brut, a term which signifies dryness, Segura Viudas cunningly disguises its lower sugar content.  Lively tropical fruits and modest floral notes strike the palate and guide you toward a long, refreshingly biting finish.  Yet these fruity accents plus the modestly silky mouthfeel project the characteristics of a somewhat sweeter wine, even though this is genuinely dry.  The acidity level is excellent and keeps your senses engaged.  Sparkling wines are too often bogged down with cloying sweetness or undermined by a vapid, off-putting biscuity flavor.  In this case the winemaker allows for a full expression of the Macabeo grape’s fruity tropical notes which nicely balance out the wine’s sharper characteristics.

Naturally, this will make for an ideal Thanksgiving wine, and will certainly satisfy palates throughout the holiday season.  It pairs well with and provides a sturdy backbone for a variety of fatty or savory dishes, such as cheese, fowl, stuffing, and even dishes with a sweeter marinade.  I could see myself having it with sushi, since the tropical notes pair well with fish but the acidity would cleanse the palate of oils or spicy-sweet drizzles.

Segura Viudas Brut retails for about $10.

– M. Sheppard