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3 Best Paleo Recipes

May 11 2015 - 9:00 AM

It’s no secret Paleo is one of the newest lifestyle or diet trends to sweep the nation. The Paleo diet is based off the notion that it is best for our bodies to go back to eating whole, unprocessed foods similar to what the cave men ate. It is thought that many modern diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and autoimmune disorders are due to the rapid spread of industrialized and processed foods; foods which contain high amounts of sugar, salt and chemicals.

There are many different levels of being Paleo, some people choose low carb, some eliminate dairy, but the common denominator is trying to eat healthier and less processed food that is easier for our bodies to digest.


Paleo, vegetarian, healthy, these are words that strike fear in to many deep dish loving Chicagoans; I am here to tell you eating Paleo is not cheap or quick but if you want to try it out and see if it makes you feel better I have a few recipes that will please even the heartiest of eaters. 
1. Food Babe’s Asparagus Lemon Quinoa Risotto 
While it will leave you with a heap of dirty dishes to do, but if you double the batch of this risotto you will have enough to feed 5-6, or if you’re single you’ll have enough for dinner and lunch for the week. This dish is very hearty and the creamy texture makes it a comforting main course. I followed the recipe exactly but I added a rotisserie chicken to mine.


This recipe uses Cashew cream as a sour cream substitute to help thicken and hold the mixture together. Simply blend cashews, water and a pinch of salt to make this delicious thick cream. It taste nothing like sour cream but once you taste it you will want to add it to all your meals.


2. Paleo OMG’s Pizza Spaghetti Pie
I’ve made this spaghetti pie multiple times in the past year, and it is another dish that’s great as lunches throughout the week. The main ingredient in this dish is Spaghetti squash, often used as a noodle substitute in Paleo dishes. Though it really tastes nothing like soft delicious pasta, it is a great ingredient to learn to use. I usually add extra veggies like mushrooms and red pepper and top it with a sprinkling of cheese.


3. Paleo OMG’s Simple Baked Halibut with Bacon Herb Butter
Though Paleo is a lot of work, you are able to eat grass fed butter and bacon, so there is little chance of your feeling like you’re on a strict diet. This recipe is quite simple and can be used with other fish such as Orange Roughy. I served it with a whole steamed sweet potato and a side of green beans. Of course everything was topped with bacon herb butter!