Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout Tasting at Jerry's - April 21st

April 18 2015 - 1:56 AM

Yet another barrel of Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout will mysteriously emerge from the Grand Rapids cave for a tasting event, this one at Jerry’s in Andersonville on Tuesday, April 21st.  As the tasting will overlap with a Blackhawks game, Jerry’s has created a themed event (with a really long title which you can find in the link) that’s purely Canadian:  hockey on t.v. and maple-syrup-barreled beer.  Okay, so Canadian Breakfast Stout is a work of American ingenuity and a brainchild of our craft beer revolution.  But the revered brew is borne of maple syrup, and no one knows the sweet, sticky condiment better than the Canadians.  The syrup is featured in at least one of the evening’s dishes as well, a Monte Cristo sandwich.  Other menu items include a buffalo fried chicken sandwich with a hot pepper sauce aged in KBS barrels (KBS is, of course, CBS’s beer cousin).  Jerry’s will feature several other Founders beers on tap as well.

As for obtaining CBS that night, well, it’s going to be kind of a process, and not a cheap one.   At 7p.m. that evening, the bar will begin selling tickets, one per person for $11 a piece, which gets the holder an 8 oz. CBS pour.  Orders of CBS will be filled beginning at 8:30.  Any leftovers will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. As a side note, clearly, prices for tappings of specialty beers have skyrocketed.  Last week Bourbon County Stout 2010 was on tap for $12 at a bar which will remain unnamed.  And that was for a 12 oz. pour.  Eight ounces of CBS for $11 is indeed a hefty toll.  But it’s a marvelous beer which you’ll never find in bottles or, most likely, ever again at any location in Chicago or elsewhere.  Founders only brews it occasionally, and only about a dozen or so bars in Chicago received barrels of the current batch.  So, if CBS is on your beer bucket list, clear your schedule for Tuesday and have your money ready.

I hope to see you that evening at Jerry’s for some great beer and Blackhawks hockey, ay.  I’m an Islanders fan but enjoying a tasty glass of CBS will be my goal for the evening.  Sorry, couldn’t resist it.

Jerry’s Andersonville

5419 N. Clark Street


– M. Sheppard