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DoorDash delivers Chicago's best restaurants

March 03 2015 - 9:00 AM

Craving a walking taco from Big Star? no problem. How about a softshell crab po’boy from Big and Little’s?  Its yours. Have your heart set on a famous homemade cinnamon roll from Ann Sather’s, but there’s a blizzard outside? DoorDash has got your back!

Founded in 2013 by a few tech savvy Stanford students, DoorDash has been delivering on its mission to empower small business owners and deliver delicious, hot food to its customers ever since. DoorDash has a model similar to Uber in that they contract local people to drive their own cars and deliver your favorite dishes right to your door.

The service recently started up in Chicago after success on the West Coast. Judging by the huge  and constantly growing list of restaurants available – from Sunda, to Gibson’s, to Portillo’s – this venture is going to do well in Chicago.

Setting up an account is easy. If you are using their app, the GPS in your phone allows you to enter your address and add notes for the driver. The process only gets easier from there, Door Dash’s app is very user friendly and allows you to scroll through or search for a restaurant or type of food. Once you’ve made your decision you can pay with a credit card or directly with Apple pay, including the tip!

I really liked that I was able to set up a delivery for a specific time, when I knew I would be home no matter how slow the Brown line was. DoorDash was in constant communication about my order via text. I received a text when my order was picked up from the restaurant complete with a smiley face 🙂 and another when the driver was close to my house reminding me that tip was already included.

There are no minimum order sizes and delivery is a flat $5.99 no matter how much you order. Though DoorDash picks up your first delivery charge as a thank you for trying their service!

If your are interested in becoming a DoorDasher you can submit your information right from the app and someone will reach out to you!

Bonus: I’m always curious how companies create their slogans or logos. From the DoorDash Blog: ‘the logo came from an unlikely source, but one that truly reflects our core values: the Japanese bullet train, or Shinkansen (新幹線). We definitely share a common sensibility with high speed rail; something super fast, utilitarian, communal, and futuristic—that’s DoorDash. ‘