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Recipes to "Eat Clean Live Well"

January 29 2015 - 9:00 AM

Terry Walters is at the forefront of the clean eating lifestyle movement. She believes ‘the cleaner we eat, the cleaner we think and the better we can embrace good health and nutrition’. Terry has two best selling cook books – her first was “Clean Food and Clean Start”.  Her newest book, “Eat Clean Live Well” is now available on Amazon. Her books are organized by season, allowing the reader to use ingredients that are fresh and readily available. The books are all gluten free and vegan, though they are more about eating as many whole healthy foods as possible.

Walters believes everyone’s body is different, and what’s right for one may not be right for another. She aims to help people eat better to feel better. If you notice eating carbs in the morning makes you sleepy, as she does, then why not change your eating habits? She suggests food journaling and an elimination diet to help decide what food works best for you, then making small slow changes that allow you to get one step closer to the natural food source. Terry tells her daughters, “All of the Colors of the rainbow are important, but Green is the most important.”

Her self described style of cooking is “Dump, Stir, Refrigerate, Eat”, which are the exact directions to one of her signature dishes, No No Bars. Terry’s daughter Sarah asked her one day what she was making and she said some sort of no gluten, no dairy, no nut goey things, to which her daughter replied, No No Bars! Genius!

These bars are chewy with just the right amount of natural sweetness. Terry said this recipe is very flexible and can be adapted based off preferences or what you have on hand, just make sure to stick to 4 cups dry and 1 cup wet ingredients. Bars will last 4-5 days un-refrigerated and 3weeks + in the refrigerator. Get the full recipe for Terry’s NoNo Bars her >>

One of my other favorite recipes – and a great pick for winter – includes Terry’s Vegetable Curry Pot Pie. I barely take the time to make pot pie in its truest form. In fact, any combination of vegetables in a pot with something crust-like over it saves me time and effort and scores points with my family. Get the Vegetable Curry Pot Pie recipe here>>

Another hearty option is the Acorn Squash Cups with Ginger a Stuffing. Caramelized roasted squash with sweet and savory fruit stuffing make this a satisfying and warming side dish that you may just want to eat for breakfast (or even dessert).