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Tijuana's Kokopelli opens in Wicker Park

October 29 2014 - 9:00 AM

New Wicker Park taco spot Kokopelli offers a taste of Tijuana right in your own back yard, though truthfully Kokopelli has added a complexity of flavors that will impress even the most experienced pallet. Chicago native Gerardo Santiago opens a second location of his Tijuana hot spot right here in Chicago tomorrow.

Kokopelli offers a large menu with multiple choices of ceviches, salads, tortas, guacamole, tacos and of course desserts. The real stand outs are their 6 homemade salsas (one for $2.50, two for $4.50 or 3 for $6.50). From the tear inducing Lagrimas de Lucifer with roasted jalapeno and beet root to provide a gorgeous pink hue, to the sweet Espuma de Mar with pineapple and a hint of cinnamon you are in for an adventure. The Castigo Azteca with charred chile and peanut is dark, earthy and one of the most complex sauces I have had the pleasure of trying.

The Chicharron guacamole ($8) is sweet and fresh, with the addition of pineapple, served over a puffed pork rind it is definitely a nice modern twist. The Black Harder Ceviche ($11) is a nice surprise with noir squid ink dyed fish topped with lime, pickled onion and two flavorful house salsas. The layers of flavors in this dish will keep you on your toes.

Though salads may seem like an after though at a Mexican place the Kokopelli salad ($8) based with sliced grilled beet, gorgonzola and an agave balsamic will make even the biggest greens hater rethink their choice.

There are 12 different taco options to choose from (3 for $12) and you can’t go wrong. The Funky Veggie with grilled defies all odds and secures the top spot! The Gringo en Vacaciones with adobo marinated shrimp, sweet pineapple and a tangy pickled onion is a strong second choice.

1324 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622

Lagrimas de Lucifer salsa, from Kokopelli’s Facebook page.

Salsas, from Kokopelli’s Facebook page.

Black Harder Ceviche, from Kokopelli’s Facebook page.

Chicharron Guacamole and a sample of 5 housemade salsas

Bartenders hard at work making craft tequilla, whiskey bourbon and mezcal cocktails

Kokopelli Salad