Floriole Friday Pizza Night

October 15 2014 - 1:00 PM

I recently went to Floriole for their weekly pizza night on Fridays – and it was outstanding. Floriole is a Lincoln Park cafe and bakery that was opened in 2010 by Sandra and Mathieu Holl. Sandra previously worked as a baker at the renowned Tartine Bakery in San Francisco. They typically operate as a cafe and bakery during weekdays and weekends, but started a new tradition last year: Friday night pizza nights.

I had been wanting to try the pizza for awhile now, but after reading the recent Thrillist article that ranked Floriole as one of the top pizza places in the country, I knew I had to go immediately. My friend and I made reservations – they’re strongly recommended – and were excited to try it out.

Floriole offers three types of pizza each week: a  featured red, a white, and a simple red pizza. The featured red option had heirloom tomatoes, raw milk cheddar mornay, fresh mozzarella, herbs, and Iberico Bellota Lardo from West Loop Salumi. The white, which was the pizza we chose, had charred cauliflower, walnut and cashew romesco, crescenza, and pickled hot peppers. The simple red pizza contained fresh mozzarella, garlic oil, and parsley.

The white pizza was outstanding. The combination of pickled vegetables and cheese was something I would never think to add to a pizza- and it worked. The other pizzas looked equally delicious, but fair warning: they’re $22 each. The pizzas come in one size only, so our college student budget could only afford one.

Floriole also offers an antipasti dish, salad, and, of course, a wide range of pastries from their bakery case. We had the Gateau Basque, which was an almond cake filled with berries. To no one’s surprise, it was delicious. There is typically a special dessert for pizza night, but for some reason it wasn’t available when we went.

Overall, I loved our meal. The only disappoint was that our service was not great. Once we got seated, we waited quite a bit until someone greeted our table, and our server rarely checked up on us after that. It did take a considerably long time to get our pizza, but I’m assuming that’s because they are prepared as they’re ordered.Gateau Basque

I would definitely recommend going to Floriole for their pizza night. Thrillist wasn’t kidding when they ranked it as one of the top pizza places. If you go, please make reservations – even if an employee says it’s not necessary, do it. And please send me a few more of the pastries.

1220 W. Webster
Chicago, IL 60614