Must Try Chocolate

September 22 2014 - 1:00 PM

Dove Fruits

 It’s no secret that people are consuming more chocolate these days. In fact one source sites that collectively Americans eat 100 lbs of chocolate every second. This shouldn’t be of much surprise given all of the new found health benefits that have been uncovered in recent years, especially in dark chocolate.

So much consumption has led to many consumers dubbing themselves “chocolate snobs,” thinking that the more expensive you buy the better it is. Seriously, there is nothing wrong with that attitude and treating your indulgence like it’s a Rolex, a glass of Dom Perignon, or a Rolls Royce.You only live once, so anything good must cost big bucks!

I happened upon a treat that’s new this month in limited distribution by Dove that is DWTT (aka definitely worth the try.) Dove Fruits are hitting the market launching Dove dark chocolate enrobed whole cranberries and blueberries. Cherry will follow in January. Dove Whole Fruits is surprising rich and smooth, it is very impressive for a “mass market” chocolate product, and of course, loaded with antioxidants too!

I always say that an occasional M &M or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup does the soul good, so be on the lookout for this product on your next trip to the grocer and pamper your palette!

6 ounce bag suggested retail $3.59-$4.79
2.83 ounce bag suggested retail $1.99-$2.59