Guinness Goes Blonde

September 03 2014 - 1:00 PM

I was lucky enough to attend a Guinness’s Discovery Series event at The Dawson for a sneak peak of their first brew in the series, Guinness Blonde. We enjoyed great pairings created by the Dawson chefs, but the true star of the night was the new Guinness brew.

Not only is Guinness Blonde visually different than what we’ve come to expect from Guinness, but it is the first offering from them that is made in America, Latrobe Pennsylvania to be exact. The American Lager uses American grown hops including Mosaic Hops, Willamette Hops and Mount Hood Hops and 125 year old Guinness yeast imported from Ireland.

Guinness Blonde is a crisp and refreshing golden amber color American lager with a complex flavor that is hoppy and citrusy on the nose and delivers a long balanced malt and biscuit finish.
The Discovery Series will feature an array of brews that combine Guinness famous European brewing expertise with different brewing styles and will release new fusions bi-annually Guinness Blonde Lager will be available nationwide beginning mid-late September.

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Hamachi Crudo with pickled jalapeno and mango

Guinness Cake with Honey Butter cream