Kabobi - Persian and Mediterranean Grill

July 15 2014 - 1:00 PM

I’m a big fan of Perisan food and am always looking for new places to enjoy some kabobs, dill rice, and more. This time I ventured to Kabobi Persian and Mediterranean Grill in Albany Park. This new casual restaurant with its open-window seating and order-up-front format offers a nice change compared to the traditional sit-down restaurant.

The menu has many of our favorites including Baba Ghannouj, Persian Salad, and a variety of Kabobs. Our table ordered the Chicken Breast Kabob, Jujeh Kabob (bone-in chicken), and the Kabob Sultani (one Barb and one Koubideh). These were all amazing dishes… however the two that were beyond words were the Salmon Kabob and the Shish Tawook.

This Foodie has enjoyed lots of salmon at different restaurants but the Salmon Kabob was especially appetizing. Grilled to perfection it was served with dill rice and grilled tomatoes.   The Shish Tawook was a new dish that I have never experienced. Similar to the other kabobs this was grilled chicken.  What put it above the other two options was that it featured dark meat chicken thigh – a very tasty part of the chicken! It was by far the most popular dish on the table. Dark-meat chicken is something that everyone wanted to try.

If you’re not into Kabobs they do have other options including a Vegetarian Platter that has some of the familiar favorites including hummus, dolmeh and falafel. They also serve Ghormeh Sabzi which is a stew-over-rice dished filled with spinach, herbs, beef, and kidney beans. I haven’t tried either of these but perhaps it will give us a reason to go back to Kabobi… like we need one!

Kabobi Grill

4748 N Kedzie Ave
Chicago, IL 60625
(773) 583-1400

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