Q&A w/Richie Farina from Moto

May 22 2014 - 8:50 AM

The Chicago Foodies Unique Dinner Series is a chance for chefs to push boundaries. And at Moto there’s no shortage of pushing, whether it was adding the scent of leather to the dessert course entitled “Smell the Glove” or popping on a black light to get a proper introduction to the 16 Courses of Black menu. So in advance of our upcoming Unique Dinner Series at Moto, 13 Courses of White, we asked a few questions of Chef Richie Farina to better understand where he finds inspiration and what makes things memorable.

How do you and the Moto team come up with new ideas?
We come up with new ideas by taking inspiration from everywhere. Seasonality is always a big player. I try to make my courses multi-sensory. It needs to be more than just food on a plate.

When you think of innovative dining, what experiences come to mind?
When I think of innovative cooking, it has to wow me. It has to me more than food on a plate. There are many factors though. I think the atmosphere and the company can make a night memorable. If you get a chance to try something rare or an unknown food product, that’s innovation.

CIGAR_IMAGEWhat was the craziest thing you have created at Moto?
I would say that out of sheer visual appeal, it would have to be the cigar. At certain times, when everything was perfect, it looked almost too real.

What Thursday’s 13 Courses of White will become is anyone’s guess but with ingredients like rabbit, mahi mahi, cauliflower, buttered popcorn, coconut and more, it’s sure to be exciting. The best part is that there’s still availability– One seating only!
Thursday, May 29th at 7pm. For reservations email your request to: or book now.

What would be your most creative dish in “White?” I would do something with water chestnuts… guess it’s a good thing I’m not cooking!