iNG Closed

May 23 2014 - 3:55 PM

iNG, the flavor-bending restaurant from Chef Homaro Cantu will be closing tomorrow after service according to Derrek Hull. With upcoming projects on top of Moto, his flagship restaurant, Cantu needed more bandwith. Having had the pleasure of spending some time with Chef Cantu and Nate Park in the kitchen and Trevor Rose-Hamblin at the bar, I will have to say that I’ll miss the special blend of approachability and intensity which was unique to iNG. It was an environment where there was room for creativity.
A statement from the iNG website reads:`

“After a great run, iNG Restaurant will be closing after service on Saturday, May 24th. We want to thank our employees and diners, who we consider part of our family, for their support and the many great memories we shared over the years. iNG employees did receive advance notice of the closing, allowing them time to find new jobs which was my main priority. We remain committed to the great city of Chicago, the culinary community and our guests at Michelin-starred Moto. In addition to Moto, I am busy working on my next new concepts, including Berrista Coffee in Chicago’s Old Irving Park neighborhood, which is scheduled to open in early fall 2014, as well as other exciting projects to be announced in the near future,” said Chef/Owner Homaro Cantu.