Chicago Craft Beer Week Upcoming, May 15-25, 2014

April 20 2014 - 5:31 PM

Greetings, beer lovers.  There will be more to come on in this event in the coming days and weeks, but Chicago Craft Beer Week 2014 is nearly upon us.  The Illinois Craft Brewers Guild’s annual 10-day Chicago celebration of all-things craft beer, which will occur between May 15 and 2015, 2014, will feature some incredible events that will give you a chance to meet brewing leaders and restaurant managers, to mingle with other craft beer lovers, and to drink some rare and delicious brews.   There are also some new technological improvements designed to help you plan what will be an extremely busy week.  The press release for this year’s event is here. As I stated, I’ll have more to come on this event in the coming days – I have a DryHop Brewers event to attend this week at which various activities will be detailed – so stay tuned.   I’ll also be back to provide some tips on what to do, depending upon what your goals for the week might be (rare beers, meeting brewers, food pairings, etc.).


–  M. Sheppard