Mugaritz iNG food notes revealed

March 07 2014 - 4:14 PM

A bit of cajoling was rewarded with hints at food and pairings for the Mugaritz Sunday afternoon event @iNG. Tickets are $100, $150 includes a copy of the book that might include a signature if you ask. Reserve tickets here.

Beef heart and asparagus
Asparagus gazpacho lemon parsley garlic
Pearl onions AgroDulce (sweet and sour) and pepe nero farm house ale
Grilled asparagus tips lemon and garlic
Beef heart marinated in garlic parsley chives and Pepe Nero farm house ale

Pork belly and ale
Pork belly cured in black pepper, bay leaf, mace, clove, juniper, coriander, black cardamom, orange zest braised in olive oil and pale ale

Lamb and porter
Coffee and star anise cured lamb shoulder braised in brown butter and porter