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Eat Your Heart Out

February 07 2014 - 1:00 AM
Red Meat Market is presenting Eat Your Heart Out at Wicker Park’s The Chop Shop on Saturday, February 15th from 6pm until midnight. The night will be a butchery and culinary party featuring live butchering, eating, drinking, live music and stand up comedy.
This post-Valentine’s Day meat feast will include the efforts of four butchers preparing a pig, lamb, goat, and cow. Attendees will enjoy a sampling of locally pasteurized meats prepared fresh in four different ways: lamb sausage, goat skewers, pulled pork sliders, homemade meatballs, and for adventurous diners, beef heart. All meat is from local farmers and supports the sustainable local food system.
Entertainment throughout the night will include music from three bands, as well as live stand up comedy from three local comedians.
The event will be hosted in the 1st Ward, the 6,000 square foot event space adjacent to The Chop Shop. Tickets are $50 and include all demonstrations, live music and stand-up comedy, as well as food and two drink tickets. Purchase your tickets online here or visit The Chop Shop.

If you’re looking for an alternative Valentine’s Day weekend event, there’s nothing quite like Eat Your Heart Out! How are you spending V-Day?