Drink Rosé on Valentine's Day

February 13 2014 - 1:22 PM

If Champagne is the festive beverage of note, rosé is the romantic version. So it makes logical sense that Valentine’s Day is a good occasion for a bit of the blush bubbly. Non-big house rosé can be anywhere from creamy to downright sweet and fruity. If sweet is the way you want to go stop reading now. We requested these bottles in advance of the season and they represent a few of the wonderful options from purveyors that are more or less easily accessible.

Lanson brings a non-malolactic citrus touch to notes of fruit and currants. This would be a great option to enjoy well into dinner as it would be an even match to poultry and pork, as well as more typical pairings of fish and seafood. The boxed presentation, pictured, makes it an especially nice option if you’re invited to dinner.

Nicholas Feuillatte Rosé is a sprite and fruit-forward refreshing blend. This effortless wine is a light appetizer, dessert or after dinner option. It is unmistakably fruit forward but complex enough to pull out raspberry and strawberry amidst clean minerality.

Philipponnat Brut Reserve Rosé is a touch more copper colored than the others. The conventional brut nose belies the cherry but suggests the structure and acid that is in no way heavy. Poured in a coupé or conventional wine glass and given some time will open this wine up further. Enjoying a bottle slowly after dinner would suit it quite well.