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Jon Stewart Hates Chicago Pizza

November 16 2013 - 2:42 PM

I’ve been lucky to have had the privilege over the past year to enjoy pizza in New York, wood oven fired (neapolitan style) at Lucali’s (best so far) and Roberta’s, not to mention New York style by the slice pizza Vinny’s, Drigg’s Pizza, Famous Ben’s, Famous Joe’s, Two Boots and Two Bros.

Across the country you’ll find stuffed pizza, hand-tossed pizza, pan pizza, deep dish pizza, neapolitan pizza, thin crust pizza, cracker crust pizza, etc. etc. etc.

To be clear, even New Yorkers prefer their wood fired neapolitan pies to classic New York slices.

Lucali’s and Roberta’s and other pizzerias that get the accolades in New York are all wood fired. They’re nothing like the slice that Stewart breaks out at the end of the video. The New York style slice as I see it is best purchased for a buck and topped with oregano and hot peppers. Buy them one at a time or you’ll easily over-do it.

As I see it the best pizza in America is still Gulliver’s. I do love the ribbing from Stewart especially since everything is subjective- that is except for the fact that the tallest building in America is still the Willis Tower!