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5 Thanksgiving Recipes to Please

November 26 2013 - 9:00 AM

Whether you plan to contribute to your Thanksgiving dinner or show up with a bottle of wine (Okay, sure. I guess that counts, too.) there’s no denying that you have to love some homemade Thanksgiving food. It’s my favorite holiday every year without fail. While I used to love the predictability of the pulverized, creamy mashed potatoes, mushroom stuffing and apple pie, I now look forward to changing it up – just a little bit – every year. Here 5 of the recipes I can’t stop staring at. If you have room on your Thanksgiving table, or in your stomach, consider whipping up one of these dishes.

1. French Onion Pastry Puffs
I’m always looking for a good appetizer that can easily please everyone. Puff pastry makes anything buttery and delicious. I even used it for my New Years appetizer bites and I will definitely be pulling it out to try out this genius idea by Joy the Baker.

2. Butternut Squash Biscuits
I’m always looking for a new way to incorporate fall flavors into my foods – a little less obvious than pumpkin bread, at least. These biscuits from Pastry Affair are the perfect carb-filled side dish for any Thanksgiving. And if they don’t make my Thanksgiving list, I’ll certainly whip up a batch this winter with leftover squash to serve with some warming chili.

3. Green Bean Casserole with Crispy Onions
I know this dish sounds pretty run of the mill. But wait! Did you know that those crispy onions you buy prepackaged at the grocery store are actually something you can make from scratch? I’m not even kidding because the thought never crossed my mind. This dish takes homemade to a whole new level, and you know it’s going to be worth the extra effort. Leave it to Smitten Kitchen to think of something so basic yet so incredibly delicious looking.

4. Roasted Cauliflower with Lemon Parsley Dressing
I’m sick of some of my favorite veggies getting a bad rap. Cauliflower, brussel sprouts…these are incredible fall foods that deserve a spot on the Thanksgiving table. My dad used to swear he would never touch either of those vegetables, but once he finally ventured out, he assured me he would always try any vegetable I cooked. Roasting brings out the sweetness in cauliflower, and I’m a huge fan of throwing lemon on anything. Bon Appetit does it again!

5. Pumpkin Pie with Chocolate Crust
It would be a lie to say I haven’t been staring at this picture since I first saw it. And I don’t like lying. I just like dessert. Pumpkin and chocolate together are like a really great couple you never thought of going together, but when they do it’s pretty incredible. Kind of like Chicago summers. Spoon Fork Bacon really knows what they’re talking about. The cookie crust here changes things up just enough to get everyone in for a slice even when they’re busting from fullness.


Photo courtesy of Spoon Fork Bacon