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Savory Caprese French Toast Casserole

October 03 2013 - 12:00 PM

It’s easy to get tired of the standard breakfast dishes, and it’s no a surprise why. It’s always easier to crack open some eggs in the morning, fry up some bacon and throw pancake mix on the griddle. If you start the night before it’s a totally different story. You’ve got options. There’s time for dough to rise, flavors to soak in and ideas to marinate.

I started by making a french toast casserole without any true direction on what I was creating. It turned out perfectly. I didn’t do a whole lot of measuring – as usual – so results may vary. The leftover challah bread I used ended up soaking up the milk-egg mixture like a bread pudding rather than an egg casserole. The salty mozzarella perfectly complimented the sweet tomatoes, and the cream cheese adds a great creaminess to the whole dish.

Feel free to sub in any vegetables that you like. Since tomato season is winding down, try out mushrooms and pieces of breakfast sausage for a hearty fall brunch.

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