Compass Box Delilah’s 20th Anniversary Edition Scotch

August 28 2013 - 12:00 PM

When it comes to drinking, there are rarefied temples to high class and dive bar dens, but the sweet spot often lies in a blend of both. And perhaps nobody has achieved that balance better than Delilah’s, Chicago’s venerable whisky wonderland which celebrates its twentieth anniversary this month. DJs, arcade games, dark lighting, strange art and an ever revolving slate of B-movies on the TV are balanced by over 600 selections of malt, bourbon and grain including handpicked barrels and rare finds that can delight any whisky geek or serve any spirits novice.

To celebrate twenty years of enlightened debauchery, Delilah’s owner Mike Miller collaborated with Compass Box Scotch whiskymakers to produce a limited edition bottling for the occasion. The boutique crafters are acclaimed for their innovation and for reinvigorating the blended and vatted Scotch field, and they brought the same skills to bear on this spirit. Delilah’s has already caught the attention of Whisky Advocate’s John Hansel who said, “Open a bottle with friends and throw away the cork!”

Compass Box Delilah'sDescribed by Miller as a Scotch that “thinks it’s a bourbon,” Delilah’s is a blend of light grain whisky and single malts aged in new and “experimental” American oak casks. Because of significant contact with new wood – a requirement of bourbon producers here in America, but a rarity among Scotch producers – the whisky picks up the sweetness, vanilla and cream that give this Scotch its atypical personality. It holds up well sipped neat or on the rocks but was really designed in true Delilah’s fashion… to be served as a shot and a beer.

Compass Box founder and master blender John Glasser explains further.

“It’s a Blended Scotch that has one component–Cameron Bridge–aged in what the Cameron Bridge folks called “experimental” casks–first fill American oak barrels but with new oak heads.  The Cameron Bridge in the blend was aged all of its life in these before blending, giving the final blend lovely echoes of Bourbon character.”

The whisky will debut at Delilah’s Anniversary Day this Thursday, August 29. Join Miller in celebrating two successful decades as the bar hosts longtime friends and collaborators. Music will be provided by DJ Casino El Camino – whose Austin bar served as the original inspiration for Delilah’s – and artwork will be on display from eight local artists with personal connections to the bar. Delilah’s will also be debuting a twentieth anniversary beer made in collaboration with Two Brothers Brewing.

Compass Box Delilah’s will also be available for retail around Chicago and in select other markets. Only about 6400 bottles have been produced and will sell for $65, beginning on September 1.