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Chicago Sweets Slingers Team up for Gelato Doughnut Sandwiches

August 20 2013 - 9:00 AM

Good news, dessert-obsessed Chicagoans! Glazed & Infused and Black Dog Gelato have teamed up to create the ultimate Chicago-centric sweet indulgence: gelato doughnut sandwiches. The two titans of Chicago sweets have joined forces like a dessert Transformer to create a lineup of saccharine sandwiches perfect for the indecisive glutton. The doughnut sandwiches are not for the faint of heart, in case you thought this might be something dainty. Both elements are extravagant on their own, but join them together and you get a delicious hybrid of debilitating proportions.

There are four sandwiches available, sold at both Black Dog Gelato locations starting August 29. Blueberry French toast gelato is sandwiched betwixt lemon doughnuts for a treat that tastes like it could all too easily pass for breakfast. Chocolate doughnuts encase Nutella gelato studded with crunchy pretzel morsels for a hearty bomb of rich, fudgy flavor. The big kahuna is the apple fritter sandwich heaped with salted peanut gelato, calling to mind an afternoon snack of apples and peanut butter, but with steroids. Then there’s the toffee doughnut with milk stout ice cream, which is actually a trifecta of Chicago flavors, considering the doughnut is shellacked with toffee bits from Terry’s Toffee.

Doughnut sandwiches are large and intense, making them a perfect shareable treat. They cost $6 each, aside from the extra large fritter, which costs $8 (and possibly a few years off your lifespan).