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Out Pops Cake Pops

June 04 2013 - 4:33 PM

If you don’t have nearly $2000 for a Thermomix but want some automation in the kitchen, this might come close. It’s not automated but almost gets there. The easy roller from Heavenly Cake Pops lets you manufacture treats at a scale to make you a force to be reckoned with at any bake sale. A simple machine uses 3 steps to roll out dough, section it into strips and then roll into individual proportionate spheres. The intended use is for all things cake pop and it should deliver there but could it stand up to rolling things other than cake?

I’m sure it’s not the intent and while sectioning and rolling alternatives to dough, it’s important to remember two things:

#1 if you’re dealing with something that melts, freeze the appliance before attempting say, frozen creme brulee balls.. but also remember that if something is frozen solid it’s never going to work. Spongy is the ideal consistency and while that’s not generally going to fly with things frozen, it does with ground meat. That brings up point #2.

#2 If you’re rolling something sticky, say, ground beef into spheres, saran wrapping the machine might not work as well as you think, to avoid potential bunching, use a non-stick spray before adding the meat. That being said, think about the transition back to using this thing for cake. I would consider most beef more than poultry or pork.

Sticking to dough however brings up some fun opportunities. As you have this interim step where you have long strips of dough, it invites the challenge of wedging an almond or some bit of chocolate inside each pop. Don’t do it. I can’t figure how that might actually work consistently, and also it would potentially be a wreck as baking time would be all over the place. I’d be looking forward to corn bread hush puppies, bread balls rolled in cheese, like buñuelas or attempting rice balls (see #2). Doughnuts or pancakes would be fun but that would seem to be too wet.

In any case check out this demo video from the inventor. Bite sized can be a wonderful and dangerous thing!