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Mexican Chocolate Chip Cookies

May 06 2013 - 1:00 PM

I recently received a gift of gourmet, bite-sized cookies from Top Chef Carla Hall’s Alchemy brand. It was probably the best gift my mom had ever gotten me because a) it was edible and b) it was delicious. The trio of cookies included both savory and sweet flavors, one of which was a Mexican Chocolate Chip variety. I loved that cookie flavor so much I decided to seek out a recipe and try making it on my own.

I ended up slightly tweaking a recipe found on the interwebs and the result was fantastic. What makes these ordinary chocolate chip cookies not-so-ordinary is the addition of red pepper flakes and cinnamon. The red pepper flakes are only a tiny component of the recipe, but add the perfect little kick to each cookie. The cinnamon adds a nutty aroma that is a great complement to the sweet and spicy flavors. Try out this easy recipe when you want to (literally) spice up your standard chocolate chip routine!


Get the full Mexican Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe here >