Cocktail: The Blinker

April 23 2013 - 11:00 AM

For the second day of Whiskey Week, we bring you a lesser-known but equally delicious classic, The Blinker.

This refreshing cocktail combines rye whiskey and grapefruit juice for a bitter punch that’s tempered by the sweetness and gentle tart flavor of raspberry syrup. An unusual combination, this trio of ingredients makes it a whiskey-based cocktail that tastes decidedly springy, light and, refreshing as opposed to heavy and warming.

Though the original recipe for this cocktail (in The Official Mixer’s Manual, Patrick Gavin Duffy) calls for grenadine syrup, pretty much every recipe that can be found since has swapped grenadine out for brighter, fresher raspberry, a change we wholeheartedly endorse. But, if you do decide to kick it old school, buy or make real grenadine that contains actual pomegranate. Rose’s is just corn syrup and dye—you’d be better off using simple syrup and food coloring.

The Blinker is a warm weather whiskey drink, where so many are better suited to colder temperatures. It’s also extremely easy to make, so mix one up today with this recipe.