Home Cooking

Culling Down the Kitchen

April 07 2013 - 3:33 PM

In the process of relocating I’ve realized that I will be forced into consolidating my kitchen into ¼ of the space that I’m accustomed to. This should translate into solid planning and decisions pre-move however I am expecting 18 boxes for “the kitchen” including wonderful machines like the air-drying dish rack, sous vide supreme, blenders, mixers, redundancies of chef’s knives, cutting boards, not to mention glassware, stemware, rocks glasses… etc.

We’ve obviously made some decisions. Our ice cream sundae glasses are no more. My Battlestar Galactica, New Glarus, Cakebread and other assorted memento-glassware are long gone. We’re relying on simply white (off-white) plates and gave away many small shakers of cinnamon… and threw out several large jars of honey (I wasn’t aware of that at the time).

Not only will this be a litmus test of what really matters in the world of kitchen electrics, it will also be a brutal contest for assorted syrup jars… condiments of all kinds, spices (more and less of each is my vote), dried ingredients, not to mention the hardest of choices… beer wine and spirits – which stay and which go.

I mean I know you only need one type of vodka, quantity over variety in that case (let the flame war begin), but how do you choose between gins, or whiskeys? Amaro and assorted liqueurs? How many bottles of Dark Lord are too many?  The biggest problem will be how to make room for so many new things? Before I allow myself to buy bourbon-barrel aged Brooklyn Brine pickles, I must throw something away first.