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McCormick Recipe Inspirations

February 11 2013 - 12:00 PM

Recently I was inspired to try a new recipe that called for caraway seeds. I had never cooked with them before and was surprised to find that at my grocery store I could only purchase a large jar for about 10 bucks. I almost scrapped the whole idea of making that recipe because I couldn’t justify spending 10 bucks on a spice that I wasn’t going to use again.

I did buy it and have added it to the 30 other spice jars that were used once for other recipes. They’re now just taking up valuable space in the cupboard and have probably just gone bad.

The following week I was at the butcher counter when I noticed recipe cards by McCormick called “Recipe Inspirations” that included six spices to make one dish. I thought it was brilliant. I’ll I had to do was buy the protein and vegetables, follow the directions on the back and add the pre-measured spices. I wouldn’t have to stress about coming home and not having the ground ginger or the fennel seeds that could possibly make or break the dish or spending 50 bucks on species to make a recipe I wouldn’t end up liking.

The recipes are really easy to follow with pretty basic ingredients and the prep and cook time combined is around 30 minutes. The servings size is always for 6 and for us Weight Watchers folks all the nutritional facts are included so it’s easy to calculate points.

So far I’ve tried the Chicken Tikka Masala, with Cumin and Gram Masala being the main spice ingredients. The Shrimp and Pasta Primavera with Dill and Thyme was also a home run. Now that I know I like the recipes, I can go out and buy the spices separately to make them again and again. The recipe cards can be a little tricky to find since they are not always positioned in the spice section of the store. You can also get them online at Shop McCormick.

What do you think of these Recipe Inspirations? Comment below and let us know!

–Stacy Kenny