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Some Changes Around here.

January 28 2013 - 8:45 AM

This new year brings some changes. After 8 years running Chicago Foodies, I’ll be turning over the daily grind to our new Chicago Editor,  Marly Schuman. In the meantime, I’ll be spending my time eating my way through New York City. Considering my foodie frame of reference is all things Chicago, it stands to reason a weekly head to head Chicago, vs. New York… Food vs. Food is in order. If anyone’s got some burning questions or hypotheses, let me know! Not only will you be able to follow this battle of cities on ChicagoFoodies, we will also extend it to, wait for it…. NewYorkFoodies.

We’ve been kicking a can for a while on that site but hopefully this past year’s redesign will make a quick extension to the coast. Our long time readers will remember Crystal Cun and her wonderful point of view. She happens to be in NY as well. Maybe she’ll be open to getting the band back together. She’s dragging me to Pok Pok tonight. We’ll see… but back to Chicago.

Marly brings a focus on vegetarian home cooking that I can admire. Hopefully she will continue to inspire me and my tiny NY kitchen will become a crucible for refined flavor (see I’m getting all NY’ey already). If you haven’t already liked us on Facebook, or followed us on Twitter, please do and keep us honest. Transitions are fun and lead to new things. As long as those new things are food-things, we’ll all be better for it. If you have something to say (not sell!), we have an open door policy.

Welcome, officially, Marly!