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5 Things We're Reading This Week

January 08 2013 - 9:00 AM

1.  Shaved Cauliflower Salad Recipe

Happy Yolks has some beautiful writing, and this piece in particular might get you a little sentimental about 2012. This recipe seems to have the strangest combination of ingredients, yet they add up to be just perfect together. Cauliflower, radicchio, walnuts, dates…delicious.

2. The Menu at Little Goat

Yes, this is what we’re reading. It’s not just any menu; it’s the menu at one of the most anticipated restaurant openings of 2013. Stephanie Izard’s diner/bar/bakery has everything we’ve been craving, and even a few things we didn’t know we wanted. Elvis waffles, sloppy joe gone goat sandwich, lasagna and more unique pies than you’d ever imagined (smoked pork and toffee crunch sound good to you?). Ever time we look at the menu we find another thing we just have to try.

3. High Protection Winter Tea Recipe

Cold and flu season is in full swing in case you haven’t noticed. Emergen-C just isn’t going to cut it. This all natural tea might work  (and taste) a little better. It calls for ginger, honey and even fresh thyme. Non-alcoholic drinks don’t make our list often, but this is an exception.

4. Taps for Tap at Tavernita

Eater Chicago just announced that Tavernita will be kicking off a monthly series of featuring kegged cocktails for charity. Mixologists will be creating recipes for the cause, and it started this past Friday. Check out coctel iberia, made with whiskey, sherry and pimento bitters, a creation by James Beard Award Winner Dale DeGroff.

5. French Onion Soup Recipe

A quality, classic soup recipe can work wonders, especially in the glacial Chicago winter. This French onion soup recipe from The Roaming Kitchen (photo credited to the blog) looks absolutely incredible. As far as soups go, it doesn’t require many ingredients. You still know it’s going to be hearty and flavorful.