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Gigantic Green Grapes

September 02 2012 - 8:00 AM

big green grapeWhen I was a kid one of the first foods I remember really enjoying were green seedless grapes. I would eat a big bowl of them while watching the Muppet Show, SWAT, or if my babysitter let me stay up late, the Love Boat which I didn’t like as much but just felt lucky to be able to stay up.

I remember my grandfather bringing bunches of seedless grapes from his grocery store on Fullerton and Kedzie. I remember they were special for that reason only. I remember them sometimes being very cold and sometimes being very sweet. I remember sometimes getting grapes with chalky seeds that would crunch as they hurt your teeth.

I’ve had lots of grapes since that never really jogged these memories but Dominick’s has exceptionally large green grapes and I have to wonder how big they must have been in my hands then. Even bigger than these are now.