Orange - Sunday Brunch

August 22 2012 - 1:45 PM

After seeing a line in front of Orange last week, we were up a bit earlier this week and arrived moments before the line started. In a review of La Taché, I mentioned it was nothing like the typical busy morning brunch spot. Orange is that busy morning brunch spot. If we arrived five minutes later, we would have split. There is really no room for people to wait inside, and it’s extremely hot or cold outside, depending on the season.

But luck had it, and we were seated relatively quickly and, amidst periodic blender whizzing, we got to our food. They serve Frushi, which they show you. I thought it was a cute breakfast amuse but no. It’s a tease and they want $3 or $2.50 for it… Don’t remember exactly. You get a piece of pineapple tied up with a floss thin strand of something that I couldn’t taste and some rice and fruit maki piece that was very tasty and a pseudo sushi… watermelon not tuna that was also interesting. Worth the dough but would have rocked as a quick freebie. I tried the orange flavored coffee but did not like it. My fellow eater however did like it. It’s nice that they give you a little pot of coffee. But when you have orange flavored stuff it tends to taint the regular too… in any case it was still strong and good.

I ordered the eggs benedict, capresi style, which meant English muffin, farmer’s mozzerella, tomato and hollandaise with basil. I enjoyed it but found the eggs just a bit undercooked instead of somewhat runny they were completely runny. The tomato wedges were okay, but it was missing something. Maybe a fresh leaf of basil would separate the white egg, white cheese and off white hollandaise… It was all mixed together, but tasted great.

The Chai french toast stuffed with mascarpone was good too. My first taste was an end and I wasn’t impressed. It tasted like bread pudding but I realized I missed out on the stuffing. Man it was good. My fellow eater never gets stuff to go, but did in this case and proceeded to eat it in mere hours.

The juice bar is neat, and you can pick your juices. They blend everything fresh. They have that frushi thing. They’re on Clark and Belmont, and can get crowded. The food’s good. They did say on the menu that they don’t custom make omelets, and one should go to a place with “Golden” or “Nugget” in the name. But then they have the BK Omelet – build it your way. I would recommend trying the omelets on the menu. That’s what I would try, if I can get a table again.

3231 N. Clark St.
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