Ghareeb Nawaz - Awesome Cheap Eats!

August 19 2012 - 9:25 AM

Ghareeb Nawaz literally means “sustainer of the poor.” In the search for good cheap eats that’s a good sign. It’s just West of Ridge on Devon and there’s usually a line waiting for nan. It’s basically a Pakistani taqueria. The food’s great and cheap but the trade-off is the dining room. For take-out it can’t be beat. Instead of dropping $50 for dinner further West on Devon, $15 is more than enough to splurge for dinner… for four. We usually get takeout and this time our order was goofed. It worked out however. Instead of chana masala – chick peas in a fantastic sweet and spicy sauce, which I had last time and was the reason to return, I found gyros paratha in the bag.  Having periodically heard my wife’s hankering for “the wind” (Windy City Gyros), I gave her (after a few bites) the combination  of gyros and onions in a curry sauce wrapped in
paratha and served with yogurt. I think she said she liked it better than the wind…! It’s different. It has more spice to it and
the paratha is a limper and oilier bread. It’s the perfect after barfood. The perfect after bar food. (yes, I said it twice). Nawaz is 24hr!

The frontier chicken was boneless, shredded chicken that also tasted good and went well with the plain rice. I would go for a boneless
chicken biryani next time. It was very similar without the saffron and other wonderful spices. I saw a couple of cups of chai being served as
I was leaving. Next time.

The proprietor is very nice and answered a few questions about the menu. There are pictures of some dishes as well as several menu boards that are redundant but if you sort of know what’s what you should have no problems.

They also serve nehari, halwa puri, basically everything. Dishes run from $4 to $2… chana masala is $2,  nan is $0.50, rice is a buck. It explains the line…

Ghareeb Nawaz
2032 W. Devon
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