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Le –Official– Diner en Blanc on Friday

August 19 2012 - 3:34 PM

There has been an event in Paris called Dinner en Blanc for the past 25 years. It just so happens that there’s a similar event, Chicago In White, this year. They seem to be nearly the same and for that reason, I’m wondering how there isn’t a big lawsuit going on. While there are similarities, there are also big differences. The routine’s pretty similar, same color etc. But they’re not identical. The venue, the night, and most importantly, especially if you want to do it right, the option for wine. Diner en Blanc allows you to buy a voucher (or two… or three) to redeem for a bottle when you arrive. There is no BYOB. Chicago In White, no booze. Also you can’t beat the authenticity– Diner en Blanc did it first and has done it longer and by signing up you can get . ChicagoFoodies was approached to help Diner en Blanc with this year’s event. Seems like it fits the foodie theme, no? So we chatted with Roger, who’s the lead organizer, and got the scoop.

From the wine arrangements to Chef Tony Mantuano’s custom picnic baskets, it should be a fantastic way to spend Friday. Considering the venue’s still a secret, you are all in for a pleasant surprise. Get your tickets HERE while you still can.

–Josh Brusin