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Cookie Dough + Oreos + Brownies

August 10 2012 - 9:28 PM

There comes a time in summer when you’re over the bikini diet and ordering salads with dressing on the side. This is a dessert for that kind of time. It incorporates three incredible desserts all into one – Oreos, brownies and cookie dough. Since the brownie is sandwiched between an Oreo crust and the raw cookie dough (no egg), I like to call it a sandwich. It makes it seem like more of a normal thing to eat for some reason.

This brownie is far less difficult to make than it seems, for something that is three layers. It’s rich, addicting and a definite crowd pleaser. Make these for a party or summer barbecue, serve them to your guests, become the most popular person there and then only allow yourself to eat two of them (three at the most).

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