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Homemade Cold Press Coffee: Buzz Worthy

August 13 2012 - 1:00 PM

I apologize for starting out with a bad pun. I was at work talking coffee and was told about a great cup of cold pressed coffee had in Minneapolis. Of course I looked around and found the Toddy coffee maker… A-hah! I have had experience doing this when I worked in the small Milwaukee coffee shop Ro-cham-bo. Talk about short term memory loss. Anyway I remember it being unruly and overall a fairly nasty process but with a flavorful result. Imagine large scale coffee-bean oil everywhere and having to stir floating grounds to keep the mix uniform. The first thing that came to mind this time is my french press pot. So I tried it out one cup of grounds and fill’er up. (the liter pot).

Then I gave it the press to circulate and leaving the filter all the way up, keeping the grounds just submerged, I sat it on the counter and went to bed. In the morning I looked at the black murk out of which little light escaped, the picture is with the sun directly behind it… that’s dark.

I debated whether I should let it sit more but figured that I’d take it to work and see how people liked it. I did take a shot and poured it into a small glass with ice and topped it off with water. The brew has absolutely no bitterness. It tastes more like coffee-flavoring than coffee. There is obvious berries and chocolate and it kind of reminded me of fresh beans in a French press but not nearly as heavy.

I guess the ideal use is for iced coffee where regular brewed coffee gets bitter when iced. It’s nice to be able to add-to-taste as well.

The best part is that I can now make coffee the night before and using hot water get a quick cup in the morning with Meet the Press or Face the Nation or Family Guy re-runs… you know, when I need it.

–Josh Brusin