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Brown Butter Vanilla Bean Cake

June 03 2012 - 11:31 PM

I rarely post recipes I’ve taken from other blogs – mostly because I rarely make someone else’s recipe entirely without tweaking it. Just by looking at the photos of this cake, I knew it needed no tweaking. Except maybe doubling the recipe. It’s flavors are universally delicious. I made it for a family brunch of picky eaters, and everyone loved it. It will also make your kitchen smell completely amazing.

I found that this recipe only makes one mini loaf, despite what the original recipe claims. This would be the size of the reusable loaf pans you’ll find at the grocery store. If you aren’t sure what size pan to use, just play it safe and make some muffins – be sure to adjust the baking time, though. I’d be more comfortable doubling the recipe and calling it a day.

I do have to say that fresh vanilla beans are crucial in this recipe. Vanilla extract is just no substitution.Why are vanilla beans so pricey? I’ll tell you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in a few for this recipe. You’ll thank me later. Aside from the incredibly rich flavor and fragrance, you also get beautiful black specks in your cake. Browned butter also makes everything better. The best part about this cake? It can be considered a pound cake for brunch or a dessert. It’s an any time of day cake.

See the Brown Butter Vanilla Cake recipe here