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Your Diet Woe Might Not Be Nutritional

May 31 2012 - 11:42 AM

Sitting at Caribou, looking at my “Daybreaker” breakfast sandwich which consists of a chicken sausage, egg, cheese on a bun with a cup of coffee, I really wonder if some of the bigger problems with our diets are behavioral more than nutritional. Quick meals need to be convenient and healthy, responsible meals as well. However if you’re not making time for meals in the first place I would argue you have a diet problem.

You could zip through a drive-thru, stick to water and oatmeal, fruit and mixed nuts and while that might be good on paper, you’re missing out on the familial aspects of a meal. You’re depriving someone the opportunity to cook for you who in turn, without anyone to cook for, doesn’t enjoy it or do it as much. Even more importantly, you may be depriving someone the opportunity to enjoy your company and cooking.

Because of convenience, we’re missing out on good food. Instead of random veggie quiches using up whatever produce is left, or the eff’d up omelet which becomes a frittata. You end up eating a mass produced though geometrically sound breakfast sandwich. You know more about your ingredients when you are the one cooking them and can choose whole grains, small and local meats and produce, cut down on sugar, butter, fats when you choose to. When you choose convenience you sacrifice almost all of this. Sit think and eat. Don’t rush. Fast is not healthy.

–Josh Brusin