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Underground Dining Club X-Marx to Debut Flour and Bones at Dose Market

May 11 2012 - 7:53 AM

Flour and Bones dumplingsUnderground dining clubs have been operating around the city for years, hosted in chefs’ basements, friends’ apartments, even outdoors. They’re fun and creative, but kind of a logistical pain for diners who would like to just, you know, show up and eat dinner.

X-Marx, a four-year-old established group in the underground dining world, is finally making the leap to the big time with a new restaurant, Flour and Bones, slated to open late this summer in Logan Square. They’re quick to point out that though it shares some trendy trappings– communal table, open kitchen– this is not just another ampersand-ed Logan Square gastro-fill-in-the-blank.

Like much of X-Marx food, Flour and Bone will have an Asian spin. The 30-seat restaurant will serve an omakase menu in addition to a la carte offerings and a beverage program. To get a better peek at the menu, show up to this Sunday’s Dose Market, where Flour and Bone will serve some preview bites like smoked tofu, lapsang tea eggs, hand-cut noodles, and ube cupcakes. And if you make it to Dose on Mother’s Day, you’ll also be rewarded with a preview of Pecking Order, chef Kristine Subido’s forthcoming chicken-centric restaurant. We hate to say it, but those are two good reasons to ditch Mother’s Day brunch early.

–Kate Bernot