The Derby Mint Margarita – Margarita Julep

May 04 2012 - 11:59 AM

A mint margarita? Sounds gross… or does it? There are tons of mint drinks out there that might be more out of an episode of Mad Men than a dusty villa out of Viva Zapata but let’s see if we can’t mess up another classic cockatail right now. It’s the complement to the Cinco de Mayo Julep.

Think of this as a Margarita Julep. NO blender. Now even Opera has a mint margarita recipe out there so let’s try to make this sort of different. Tequilla is required but let’s use some nice Añejo tequila, for more wood, and mint-salt for the rim.

In a sealable bag add a 1/4 cup of kosher salt, 10 mint leaves rolled and fine chopped. Mash it all together and reserve – the longer the better.

For the marg:

2oz. Añejo tequila
1oz lime juice
1/2oz of cointreau

Rim the glass with the salt and mint bits. Stir ingredients with ice until chilled and serve.

Let me know how this one turns out. I was on the fence about changing it all around with grand mariner and jalapenos but that’s too zany for now. Let’s see where the weekend takes us.