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Pressure Cooking Fried Chicken-Ouch?

April 19 2012 - 11:43 AM

So we had a back and forth email today between our writers about pressure-cooking fried chicken. It’s a kitchen hack to replicate the KFC pressure frying method but in looking around I found a number of sites with warnings of the danger of this experiment, more specifically of the dangers of the “Chicken Bucket” which was a 70s appliance that was discontinued due to failures. It reminded me instantly of the Arrested Development Cornballer.

While it’s not to say that pressure cooking with hot oil isn’t without risks, hopefully you have one with a gasket designed for oil… From Miss Vickie’s Pressure Cooker Recipes:

Used properly, today’s modern pressure cookers are very safe,but even small amounts of hot oil under pressure will splatter and damage the gasket. The same gasket that performs well at 250 degrees in normal use, may melt away in 400 degree heat of boiling oil and cause serious damage.

If you’re thinking about trying to fry in a pressure cooker please read the warnings in your owner’s manual. Unless you have purchased a real pressure fryer your owner’s manual will have restrictions against using any amount of oil above 1/4 cup.

Fry Safe!

–Josh Brusin