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FDA Issues National Recall for Tuna Blamed in Salmonella Outbreak

April 17 2012 - 10:29 AM

Spicy tunaReading news like this first thing in the morning might make you reconsider that spicy tuna roll you were planning to order for lunch. The FDA announced today that Moon Marine USA will recall more than 58,000 pounds of raw tuna which has been linked to salmonella outbreaks in 20 states. More than 100 people have become ill after eating a contaminated yellowfin tuna product called Nakochi Scrape, which is made by scraping meat off the bones of the fish.

Does the Nakochi Scrape product sound like the marine version of pink slime? That's where my mind went. While the recall will invariably lead many people to swear off sushi and sashimi for a while, is this the only answer? The FDA hasn't advised people not to eat sushi or sashimi containing tuna, but rather to check with the establishment to find out whether the tuna in question came from Moon Marine, sometimes refered to as MMI.
This is probably a good tip when eating raw food in general. The best sushi chefs know exactly which distributor and even which boat and fishermen caught their seafood, as well as when it was caught, and whether it's sustainable. If the establishment can't tell you what supplier or farm produced the food, you'll know something fishy's going on.

–Kate Bernot