Not just a Ham cocktail for Easter– The Hamtini

April 06 2012 - 3:33 PM

HamtiniI was thinking about what weird ham tricks to bust out on my unsuspecting sister-in-law and then got bogged down with the fact that I could only find fully-cooked ham. Fresh hams I guess are all pre-order, especially this time of year. So what to do with ham? Since I'm assuming that they're doing the traditional thing, I'm left with a side dish… or a cocktail!

I was the lucky recipent of a test bottle of Bakon vodka. I think this calls for a Hamtini. The sister-in-law will surely cringe!

The goal is upfront to get the smoky aromatics from the meat, the sweetness of a ham glaze, the salt of the cure and the smoke all to mix together and then be immediately cleansed with the cold vodka.

The real surprise ingredient isn't the bacon flavored vodka but the salt & honey together on the rim. This either really works for you or not at all. Martinis are all about crisp clean nuances and this may go a bit too far but in the world of dirty martinis, it might just be fine.

Only watchout is not to go overboard with the ingredients. Just the thinnest amount of honey. The best way to do this is cross hatching honey on a plate and then pressing the glass down to get tiny dots around the rim. Grind sea salt into the glass and then pour it out while twisting the glass and the crystals stick to the honey. Blow out the rest as best as you can and you're set. The rim is barely noticeable; It's not a margarita. Garnish with some Spanish ham… and maybe wrap a bit of pineapple in it if you're really silly.

2oz frozen Bakon vodka
5 ice cubes
NO Vermouth (the salt/honey takes care of this)
Shake your classic martini and strain into the honey and salt prepped glass
garnish with prosciutto, jamon iberico, etc. (a cube of smoked ham would be real nice) set on top of the glass, not in it. Keep it clean! Enjoy. Happy Easter.

–Josh Brusin