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Asparagus & The Resurrection of Spring

April 30 2012 - 11:10 AM

Egg_1lo As the cold months of winter dissipate, and the warm breezes of spring emerge, so does a popular pointy-green vegetable, the asparagus. A versatile plant that signifies the beginning of spring and all the wonderful fresh vegetables that come with it.

Each year my family celebrates the Christian holiday of Eas
ter with a large Sunday brunch of honey glazed ham, farmers cheese, potato salad, deviled eggs, and of course asparagus. Before we indulge in our meal we quickly and uncomfortably say grace then dig in. This year, as I reached for the plate of asparagus, I couldn’t help but laugh at the parallels between it and the holiday we were celebrating. Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus-Christ and here on the plate in front of me is the vegetable that represents the resurrection of spring.

Now I’m certainly not equating asparagus to the Christian Son of God but let’s face it, if the Egyptians were eating asparagus over 20,000 years ago you have to wonder if it was served at the Last Super and if Jesus looked at the vegetable and thought the same thing I did. After all, he could see into the future.

This is how I imagine it at the Last Supper:

  • Jesus: Hey Judas, could you please pass me the asparagus? Oh and by the way, one of you will betray me but don’t worry about it because I will rise again and fulfill the scriptures.
  • Judas: That’s weird, here you go Jesus. Judas passes the plate of asparagus to Jesus.
  • Jesus: This asparagus is good, you know what would go good with the nutty taste of the vegetable? Something smooth and rich like egg yolk.

Okay, I got a little sidetracked and let my imagination run away with me, but I was raised Catholic and when I’m at church it ‘s difficult to not let your mind wander in between hymns. The point is that asparagus represents the resurrection of spring since it is one of the first vegetables to sprout. And now is the time to eat it.

Learn everything you need to know about asparagus in ‘Asparagus 101‘ and see how one of Chicago’s top chefs, Michael Simmons of Lula Cafe, incorporates the vegetable in unique and delicious ways.

–Andrew Zapotosky