Ask for a Half Pint! Craft Beer Trend

April 17 2012 - 1:12 PM

HalfpintCraft beers are really different, tasty and many times pretty high in alcohol and for that matter calories. A 12oz bottle of Sam Adams Imperial Stout has 308 calories. A Great Divide Yeti has 285 calories. They are both around 10%. Even though they sometimes come in a smaller glass, (Dogfish Head 120, at a whopping 19%, comes in a 4oz snifter unless you get the bottle), you drink 3 of those and you'll feel it and need to work it off the next day.

Granted nobody wants to necessarily drink 3 imperial stouts in a sitting. That's what lighter, lower-cal session beers are for. But even those are heading up towards 6% and arguably higher. I'm often faced with a beer list that I'd like to taste through and since they're on tap, why shouldn't I get a smaller pour? I can try more and pay a bit more by volume. It seems like a win for the waistline, palate, brain cells and economically for the bar.

However I get eye-rolls from some great bartenders when I ask for a half pint. In all honesty when there are so many great beers at high ABV, why is there any surprise? I'm more surprised that it hasn't become a trend. So ask for a half pint and try more beers!

Pint glass image via Shutterstock

–Josh Brusin