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LTH Opens 2012 Great Neighborhood Restaurant Nominations

March 02 2012 - 10:07 AM

Between following the Republican primaries and voting in your office Oscar pool, you're probably about chin-deep in the refreshing waters of democracy.

Unlike both of those contests, LTH Forum's Great Neighborhood Restaurant Awards is an annual ballot that actually means something for the local businesses you love. The culinary nerds over at LTH put out the list of GNRs every year, and while in the past, it's been unclear whether some of the spots truly qualify as "neighborhood" spots, it's always a spot-on list of great establishments.

So if you're loyal to a bakery down the street, have an under-the-radar bistro you frequent, or just want to do a good deed by nominating your favorite restaurant, head over to the GNR nominations page on LTH and read all the guidelines.

–Kate Bernot