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Local Chicagoan Starts Better Whey of Life Yogurt

March 05 2012 - 11:48 AM

Screen shot 2012-03-03 at 7.59.04 PMAmidst all the low-fat and reduced calorie alternatives, Daphne Mazarakis is trying to break into the health food industry with a different definition of healthy. This Chicago local business owner is taking Greek yogurt to a whole new level. The name really says it all. Better Whey of Life adds in whey protein for a low sugar, high protein option that doesn’t alter the flavor.

Mazarakis got her idea for the company while she was working at Kraft foods. She started looking at big companies to see what they were doing for health and wellness.

“I was seeing a lot of highly processed foods for cutting calories,” she explained. “I really wanted to basically flip that and do something different.” 

For Mazarakis, yogurt was a logical place to start. Some yogurt companies have a “healthy halo”, as she called it, adding tons of sugar and not delivering on their healthy promise. The Better Whey of Life plain flavor has 40% less sugar than other plain yogurts because of a unique straining process. The company also has six different varieties that were just recently released in Jewel grocery stores around Chicago. The flavors are extremely unique – acai mixed berry and strawberry goji berry just to name a few.

When I tried the yogurt, I found the flavored ones to be a good starter Greek yogurt for those not a fan of the sour variety. It still has the thick consistency of Greek yogurt with the sweet flavor of a traditional yogurt you might find from Danon or Yoplait. 

Makarakis said so far she has received tons of positive feedback and even plans to continue developing more healthy products like snacks. She hopes to encourage consumers to think about the calories they’re putting in their body. She also said they’re a company of food philosophy and that they are “really trying to stand for something and have a voice in the market.” 

As for other Chicagoans looking to start their own business, Mazarakis can’t encourage it enough. She says the key to living a better life is to “definitely pursue things you find meaningful in your life and make a business out of that…life is too short not to do everything that you want.”

–Marly Schuman